Windows 8 Start Menu is a simple application which adds your favorite Start menu back into the taskbar as it was in previous versions of Windows, without any patching or cracking sytem files or registry.   Simply close the program and the Start menu will disappear.

Do you miss the Start menu in your Windows 8? Then install our simple application and the Start menu will be back.

Our software Windows 8 Start Menu combines the classic start menu from the Windows 7 along with new a Windows 8 opportunity to use Windows 8 Style (METRO).

Extend your Windows 8 with classic Start menu from Windows 7 and you can use both  these features.

Our software works in each  Windows 8 edition and is compatible with 64b version too.

With our application Windows 8 Start menu is possible to easily  shutdown or hibernate your computer  as in old versions of Windows. Moreover, for the very first time, our Windows 8 Start menu provides a hybrid shutdown. , so That means that your computer will start up  in about 5 seconds next time.

Download link - version 1.3


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